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HUT 73 Bakrie Group, Steps to Building Strengthening Indonesia

Commemorating the 73rd Group Bakrie, Bakrie Insan across Indonesia hold joint prayer for the Bakrie Group Founder Alm. H. Achmad Bakrie and Alm. H. Abu Yamin and Mrs. Roosniah Bakrie and other predecessors. The prayer takes place in each business unit on Tuesday (10.02.2015) at 09.00 am.
In welcoming Anniversary Bakrie 73rd, President & CEO of PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk, Bobby Gafur Umar convey the message that we should play a role and have a vision to lead a better life.
"Happy Birthday 73 Bakrie Group, Bakrie Group may remain victorious and further strengthen Indonesian step in building toward a better life," Bobby said.
Encountered when sow flowers in the cemetery Plaza TPU Rubber bivouac, Director and CEO of PT Bakrie Strategic Solutions (BSS), Okder Pendrian acting as the event coordinator, said the exact February 10, 2015 The Bakrie Group has reached the age of 73 years, a long journey with dynamics and challenges in running the business to contribute to building the beloved country Indonesia Alhamdulillah we have been able to travel together. Therefore, it is appropriate when the anniversary was held with gratitude to God, in a solemn simplicity full and strong spirit to be able to continue what has been started by the founder of the Business group Alm. H. Achmad Bakrie along with other founders.
Meanwhile, Director of Risk Management Director of PT Bkarie & Brothers Tbk, Doddy Taufik Wijaya, said HUT 73 Bakrie Group we should be grateful, because this age of longevity "Happy Anniversary 73 Bakrie Group, the future, together let us continue what be good intentions of the founders KUB, Indonesian-ness, usefulness and togetherness, "said Doddy.