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Development Manager Bakrie Become Effective Leaders

Bakrie Learning Center (BLC) in collaboration with the University of Bakrie (UB) held Bakrie Middle Management Development Program (BMMDP) which took place at the University of Bakrie Lounge 1-2 for three days. This activity was opened by the Director / CEO of PT Bakrie Strategic Solutions, Okder Pendrian on Tuesday (3/2) and closed on Thursday (5/2).
On the content of his speech, Okder congratulated the participants BMMDP. This program is a program that will provide the Manager with the skills needed to be a good manager in the Bakrie Group.
"Many who want to join the program but only selected and meet the requirements to follow. SDM good, competent and have integrity is to ensure the continuity of the company in the long term, "explained Okder.
BMMDP the background of this is part of the Bakrie Leadership Journey program is implemented to prepare cadres in KUB leadership at various levels. "In contrast to the leadership program is similar in the outside, this program is designed and tailored to the characteristics of the Bakrie Group. The cases are discussed and used as an example is also derived from real cases on the ground, "Add Okder.e
It also expressed by Head of BLC, Vidi Rosen, he hopes the program can be run on a regular basis so that eventually the program can produce a quality future leaders in KUB. "This activity aims to improve the quality of leadership in Bakrie well as implementing the philosophy of Bakrie (the Philosophy of Bakrie), namely" Bakrie for the Nation "and the Basic Values Bakrie (Bakrie Core Values)," Trimatra Bakrie "program is expected to run on a regular basis so that the program eventually could produce future leaders who qualified in the Bakrie Group, "said Vidi.
Participants BMMDP numbering as many as 28 participants attended from PT Bakrie Indo Infrastructure, PT Bakrie Power, PT Bakrie Building Industries, PT Bakrie Autoparts, PT Bakrie Swasakti Utama, PT Lapindo Brantas, Inc., PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk, PT Braja Mukti Cakra and PT Bakrie Pipe Industries.]
On the first day, the participants presented the material on "Bakrie Believes Core Values & Business Ethics @ Bakrie Good Corporate Governance" which disampaiakan by Dody Taufiq Wijaya as Independent Director of PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk. According to him, the Corporate Governance can be defined as a system consisting of processes and structures that are coordinated to direct and control the business of the company, so that the course of the company's business does not lead to the interests of each stakeholder disturbed. The corporate governance principles are openness, accountability, responsibility, independence, fairness and equality.