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Blood Donation Program PT. Bakrie Metal Industries

PT. Bakrie Metal Industries, which is the largest steel pipe manufacturers in Indonesia on 2nd adn 3rd  March 2015 ago held a blood donation program for all employees. This program is one of the regular agenda made BPI as one form of Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition, this program also performed for the birthday of the Bakrie Business Group to 73 years.

When you hear the word blood donation, certainly are familiar with PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia). PMI is one of the organizations that serve the blood donation activities in Indonesia. Housed in the training center, blood donation program held by BPI teamed up with PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia) District of Bekasi.

Blood donation activities very enthusiastically welcomed by all employees of BPI level position. On the first day there were 112 registered charities that people donate their blood, and the second was recorded on day 137 charities.

So many employees who sign up as donors on the program this time, management of PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries plan will hold a blood donation program 2 times a year. This activity is very much useful. Donates blood is good for the health of the donors, as well as helpful is very important for those who need it.