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Company Health and Safety Policy

PT. Bakrie Metal Industries is an incident and injury free workplace with no harm to people and no damage to environment. PT. Bakrie Metal Industries committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to ensure that all activities are conducted that protects the environment. the aim of this policy shall be achieved at all line activities locations by the fined scope of its health, safety and environment such as:

  • Identification and evaluation of all health, safety and environment hazard or aspects and determining controls of their risk or impact to acceptable levels ;
  • commitment to at least compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements;
  • prevention of accidents, injuries, ill health and pollution;
  • reduction of waste and energy resources;
  • recording and communication health , safety and environment performance throughout the organization;
  • ensure unsafe conditions and behaviors that contribute to incidents and injuries;
  • continual improvement of ohas performance.

Chief Executive Officer shall be visibly uphold the principle of this policy and integrate them throughout the company, the top management shall regularly review ohas policy and ohas performance.

Management at each department or location shall be responsible for implementing and maintaining ohas management system necessary to this policy.

Every employee whose work may create a significant health, safety and environmental impact shall be trained for complying with the policy and related procedures, practice, instruction and government rules. each employee has a duty to report workplace condition or a safety hazard to take reasonable action.

Contractors shall work in accordance with this policy.
Everyone is responsible for recognizing that by reducing incident or injury and identify opportunities for preventive action.

This policy shall be communicated and socialized to all employees, contractors and visitors and available for interested parties by open request or by website