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UB Students Back Engraving Achievement

Mochammad Dimas Andra Saputra is one of Bakrie University student of the study program Industrial Engineering (2013) which won achievements in the competition in Nanyang Technological University Model United Nations 2015 (NTU MUN 2015), Singapore, Sunday (8/2).
Dimas was the only student who represent Indonesia that could be awarded in this prestigious event. Dimas earned Honorable Mention (Best 3rd Position) in the African Union representing the country of Ethiopia.
Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the UN General Assembly held in the form of a competition, each participant will act as delegates of a state and become part of one of the UN council. Not only good at communicating in English, in the race MUN also must have the ability to drafting, lobbying and should have diplomatic behavior.
UN council that existed at MUN race in 2015 were: GA (General Assembly) consisting of DISEC (Disarmament and International Security), ECOFIN (Economic and Financial Council), and SPECPOL (Special Politics and decolonization Committee). In ECOSOC and Regional Bodies consisting of UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council), UNEP (United Nations Human Rights Council) and the AU (African Union). In the Specialized Agencies consisting of Futuristic Security Council, CCIA (Convert Conference for Intelligence Agencies) and US Cabinet (Cabinet of the United States, 2008). And the last is the News Network of the World Press duty to report any incident in the council.
NTU MUN 2015 was organized by Nanyang Technological University MUN Club and was a year to 6 holding this race. NTU MUN is an international competition, because who follow the race this time not only local high school kids and college students but also students and students from foreign countries such as America, Europe, Asia, Australia and even to Africa. NTU MUN In 2015, Bakrie University students along with five others representing Bakrie Model United Nations Club under the auspices of the English Community Bakrie University underwent their respective roles as a delegate in any UN council they get.
Dimas Andra Saputra (Industrial Engineering 2013) to act as delegates of Ethiopia on the board of the AU (African Union), Alfian M. Pala (Information Systems 2013) to act as delegates of the council SPECPOL Dominican Republic (Special Politics and decolonization Committee), Oktafia Rahmawaty P (International Relations 2012) as the delegates of Sweden in council SPECPOL (Special Politics and decolonization Committee), S Hanny Lismora Idrus (Industrial Engineering 2011) as the delegation of Russian Federation in council DISEC (Disarmament and International Security) and Dedy (Accounting 2014) as Belgian State delegation in the council DISEC (Disarmament and International Security).